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BBQ Cookoff Registration Page

2024 Donation Request Letter


    2.) The hours of the competition is from 5pm to 6:30p on May 19th 2024. Chefs need to be in place BEFORE 5pm so they are ready to serve our voting guests. Chefs will also be given enough 2oz portion cups for the event, in which you will need to label or write the initials of your dish's name on each cup. You may pick up those cups in advanced from the church if needed.

    3.) Each chef will be given a 4X3 foot area to present your BBQ and decorations with close access to plug outlets. You will need to bring your own cords and surge protectors should you want to keep your dish warm. Your spot will be based on order of entry.

    4.) Although decorations are not mandatory, it is a great way to present your BBQ. You are welcome to come Saturday evening to set up any decorations necessary if you would like. There will be a trophy given to the 'Best Decorated', voted on by the students

    5.) Each chef is required to serve all his/her portions in a single cup. If there are additional items that accompany the BBQ, like slaw or beans, they must all be served together in the SAME cup. Also, chefs may not offer varieties of the same dish. If a chef would like to offer varieties, they would have to enter it by it's own dish name.

    6.) Paying customers who come to the Cookoff will be given 3 voting tokens to vote within their meal box. They may vote for 3 different dishes or give all towards the same dish if they preferred in the voting area. Only paying customers can vote and students of the StuMin are unable to vote whether they pay or not.

    7.) Tabulation of votes will commence at 6:30p. Trophies and Ribbons will be presented immediately following. The third place finisher will be awarded a 3rd place trophy, a 3rd place ribbon for their dish and a $50 check. The second place finisher will be presented with a 2nd place trophy, a 2nd Place ribbon, and a check for $100. The first place winner will receive a 1st place trophy, 1st place ribbon, a check for $150 and their name and dish name will be added to the Plaque of Champions which hangs in the Fellowship Hall. Prize checks will be mailed out within 2 weeks of the Cookoff.

    8.) Chefs do not need to cook their BBQ at the church, however they are welcome to. It is important that chefs create their own dish and sauces and not use store bought.

    9.) In addition to your BBQ sample, guests will be given bread, corn on the cob, chips, watermelon, a cookie, and a drink.

    10.) This is a fundraiser for the Student Ministry to help supplement upcoming camp and missions trip costs for our students. Thank you for your generous support and good luck.

    I have read, understood, and will abide by the Rules and Regulations.**"