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Confirmation refers to the decision a person makes to respond to God’s grace with intentional commitment, publicly reaffirming his or her baptismal vows before the congregation, and baptism for those not previously baptized. Most confirmands are youths between the ages of ten and fourteen or older, who have been nurtured in the church since their baptism as an infant or young child; but not limited to such. During this class, confirmands will learn about the meaning of their Christian faith; the founding, history and teachings of the United Methodist Church; and an explanation of the baptismal and membership vows they will be professing on Confirmation Sunday. Completion of the class will give the confirmand an opportunity to obtain full membership to FUMCPO by confession of faith and commitment to the Church.

The First UMC of Port Orange typically offers the confirmation class on Wednesday evenings from 5-6p, consecutively for 8-10 weeks. Students who sign up for the class are heavily encouraged to the kickoff weekend on February 23 – 25, 2024 at the Warren Willis Camp in Fruitland park, FL in which students will participate in their first 3 classes. Would you consider a $40 donation for students ($120 for adults) for this weekend? Confirmation Sunday will be held the first Sunday in May.  Speak with the Senior Pastor or Youth Minister for more information.

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    The cost of the retreat is $40.00 per person. $110 for parents if a parent feels they need to attend as well. It is highly recommended that students participate in this retreat as relationships are cultivated and the first 3 to 4 lessons will be taught.

    If your student is attending the Confirmation Retreat, what size t-shirt are they?