Would you like a few stats about our student ministry?

Average weekly worship attendance of congregation: 350

Do youth regularly attend Sunday worship?  Y or N (Yes, about only about 30-40% of the Youth Group Members)

# of youth events per week: 5;  Mid School Pursuit, High School Xplore, Venture Sunday School, Discover Youth Service, & LEAD Team.

Average youth attendance per weekly event: 20-40 (Youth Band Practice: 5)

Do youth meet weekly during the summer?  Y or N (Yes with increased daily activities)

If so, why… If not, why? (We want to make sure that the youth are staying engaged with the church and continuing fellowship even when school is not in session)

In 1-3 sentences describe your primary weekly youth event(s):  Our more invitational nights are Tuesday (Middle School) and Wednesday (High School) night with lots of games and social, but minimal message.  Sunday morning Sunday School (typical) and Sunday Night Youth Worship Service (Mid and High Schoolers) which is more in depth teaching, worship, dinner, small groups.  (Not very many games) It’s easy to invite their friends to mid week meetings than Sunday night meetings.

# of Youth trips per year (mission, spiritual, ski, etc):  11 (Middle School Winter Retreat, High School Winter Retreat, Confirmation Retreat, MS Believe Tour, HS Lift Tour, Spring Break Camping Trip, Summer Camp, Missions Trip, Summer Conference, Linked Teen Vacation Bible School, Rock the Universe and about 14 Day/Service Trips called Second Sunday Super Surprise and Summer Outings)

Average youth attendance per trip type for past 3 years:  15+

Average cost per trip type: $250.00 Average (MSWR $300, HSWR $500, Confirmation $20, MSBT $60, HSLT $50, SBCT $75, SC $420, MT $350, SConference $150, LTVBS $0, RTU $90, Day Trips and S4 $5-35)

Total Budget $$ supporting Youth Program: $12,600

Total Fundraising $$ supporting Youth Program: 90% of Fundraising goes to student accounts for their trips and not the Youth Fund as a whole.

Percentage of total budget (salary & supplies) supporting Youth Program:  8.3%

Percentage of total dedicated accounts (fundraising) supporting Youth Program (ministry only! Don’t include property/endowments in %.) : 10%