Dear First Church Family,

First and foremost, thank you all for your kind words of encouragement and buy-in to our crazy idea for Stewardship Prime. As we go into the final stretch of this campaign, we want to share a few thoughts as you reflect on your giving for 2023.

Membership allows us to grow together while also getting our individual needs met. For Miller it’s getting a recharge/refocus every Sunday from the services, for Mason it’s having a network of people to grow in faith with. We are asked to give of our prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness as membership “fees” to First Church.

Every membership has its perks. What perks come to mind when you think of Faith and First Church? Fellowship, delicious cookies from the hospitality committee on Sundays, an air-conditioned sanctuary to worship in, and the list goes on. Many of perks come at a cost, like the electricity bill. First Church needs us all to prayerfully consider what we can contribute to keep accessing these perks.

Can I get an Amen for free delivery? Amazon Prime’s delivery is a great reminder of God’s delivery. We trust it will arrive, even if it looks like it hasn’t shipped yet. God freely delivers what we need in His own timing. Our church needs us to deliver our pledges for 2023, so that we can continue the work of shipping the message of God’s love to our community and beyond.

God has blessed each of us in many ways: it is up to us to share what He has given to spread His word and love to others.

We ask that you pray with intent and thoughtfully consider your commitment this year. As a church, our 2022 Christmas “Smile” Gift goal is $100,000 to pay the 2023 Mortgage of the church.  We know we can raise the funds we need the same way we find success in all our missions: together with God’s grace.

Thank you, again, for allowing us to grow with you this month. We feel that First Church is Primed for a great 2023, and we look forward to being a part of it with you all.

Your fellow First Church Family Members,

Mason & Miller McKenzie



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