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Welcome to the 2017 First Church Pumpkin Patch Page

 Join Dr. Jack-O and his companion Mr. Pie as they use science to get a better understanding about how Pumpkins grow, feel, and smell, all while having fun with some exciting science experiments. There will be interactives to help kids learn about pumpkins and also an fun maze that the kids can complete.

School Teachers and Administrators:

If you are registering a field trip to the patch, Your students will participate in a story about how Dr. Jack-O is trying to discover how he grew arms and legs one day.  He is hoping that the visiting child-size scientists can help him answer such questions through 4 different pumpkin experiments.  Field Trip Tours are available Tuesday through Friday in 50 minute increments beginning at 9a, 10a, and 11a.  If you are a teacher looking to make a reservation for your school or child care center.  Click on the BOOK ONLINE NOW button below.  Registrations open on August 29th at 8am.

Pumpkin Patch Shift Sign-Up

Online Pumpkin Patch Signups begin on September 21st at 8:00am, however if you attend the Pumpkin Patch Rally on September 17th from 6 to 8p you’ll get an opportunity to sign up 6 shifts that night before the site goes live.  All you’ll need is an valid email address and phone number.

Field Trip Staffers

Stay tuned for a sign up to work the field trips as volunteers and tour guides.  We would like volunteers to sign up when a school is booked first before signing up for empty registrations.

Fall Festival Volunteers

The only way that the fall festival can be successful is for amazing volunteers like you who make the event one of the greatest events of the year.  Click the button to the left to help oversee one of many fun games and events at this year’s Fall Festival to be held on October 14th from 11a-1p (Work times will differ).  You will be fed when you volunteer. We are also looking for popup tents to keep our workers in the shade while they work. Thanks.